Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursday of the Gulf Print Storm: Ink, Paper and Process exhibition

The reception for Ink, Paper and Process: an Exhibition of Contemporary Prints in America was held at the Dishman Museum in the evening. Brief talks were given by artists on their approaches to printmaking and its influence on their artistic practice.

Last Saturday I got a sneak peak of the show when I dropped artwork off and helped Xenia and Lamar art students with installation.

Downstairs gallery.

Dishman director introducing curators Xenia Fedorchenko and Joseph Velasquez.

Print by Joseph Velasquez.

Print by Xenia Fedorchenko.

Michelle Rozic.

Joseph Velasquez speaking about Ryan O'Malley's work.

John Hancock.

Angela Malchionno. (Image from

Collaborative, interactive print project by Xenia Fedorchenko, Tim Robtoy, and Michelle Rozic.

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