Saturday, October 22, 2011

smART Day

The CSUN Art Department in collaboration with the California Art Education Association (Southern) held smART Day on Saturday, October 15. The morning began with a keynote address by Theresa Sotto, the education specialist at the Getty museum, followed by art workshops for art educators.

My workshop covered relief printmaking approaches for all ages, with assistance by CSUN undergraduate student Miles.

Set up for printing foam relief print and cardboard relief print.

Printing materials and tools, including non-toxic inks for K-12 students.

Discussing linoleum and woodcut approaches, including color registration. Photograph by Miles.

Foam relief print, with the foam blocks pictured below and resulting prints above. Tools are used to press down on insulation foam, creating lowered and raised surfaces. The color block was inked with a brayer and brush, and stencils were applied before printing to create the white circle spaces. The prints were created using non-toxic ink on bond paper, printed with a wooden spoon.

Cardboard relief print, with the cardboard block pictured above and resulting prints below. Layers of mat board are peeled away to create raised and lowered surfaces. Blades are used to create hard-edge shapes. The middle left image is the block inked fully, the middle right image is the ghost impression, the bottom image is the ghost impression for the sky and fully inked block for the ground.

Collagraph relief print, with the Sintra collagraph block to the left and resulting print to the right. Woodcut tools were used for the white line, and paper, fabric and tape were collaged on with gloss medium to create a variety of textural marks.
Workshop participants creating relief prints. Photograph by Miles.